ASCO owns and manages client warehouses, provides materials, personnel and operates forklifts. This, however, only scratches the surface of ASCO's materials management offering. We deliver transformational change across our clients' materials operations through the deployment of systems (WMS, part of the iLMS suite). We elevate operational standards through development of better practice and drive enhanced value from inventory optimisation by utilising the expertise and analytics capability of Oniqua. The "hierarchy of opportunity" for clients has four key components:

1. Identify. Having a clear picture of what materials you have and where they are is vital in supporting informed inventory decisions. ASCO provides this clarity through our systems, unrivalled accuracy of inventory count and specialist knowledge.

2. Control. Ensuring your materials are managed effectively across the supply line, we make certain the materials you need are available where and when you need them.

3. Improve. Driving efficiency and effectiveness of materials operations through deployment of best practice, using lean tools and techniques to remove process waste from materials activity.

4. Sustain. Benchmarking and measurement of performance to identify ongoing improvement opportunities. The iLMS suite enables ASCO to map and measure performance to a granular level to pinpoint areas for performance improvement.