In a typical year, ASCO-managed trucks travel over six million miles, transporting and delivering oilfield equipment, supplies and bulk fluids across a range of diverse environments from biting cold in Alberta, to searing heat in Australia and steady drizzle in the North East of Scotland.

Our UK transport operations enable our overall integrated service, connecting all the distribution and delivery points required to support offshore operations. The deployment of the ASCO Transport Management System (TMS) provides full visibility and traceability of materials in transit with electronic capture of proof of delivery/collection and GPS tracking of trailers.

In addition to our standard road transport services, ASCO Freight Management provides freight forwarding and heli-freight from facilities strategically located close to Aberdeen Airport. ASCO Freight Management can be contacted on +44 (0) 1224 470599 for freight forwarding and customs and on +44 (0)1224 470911 for helifreight.

Internationally, ASCO transport operations in Australia work under the ASCO Transport and Logistics (AT&L) brand and deliver a range of line-haul and transport services to onshore and offshore oil and gas clients, both directly and in support of ASCO's supply base operations in the country.

In Canada, our Manatokan brand – in addition to their waste management capability – delivers fluid transport and vacuum truck services to the Alberta oil patch.